The Ultimate Noise Cancelling 3D Headphone 
3D audio &noise cancellation headphons that achieve audiophile sound and sense of auditory space

$ 763,100 Funded

EarFun Free

Ultimate Comfortable Wireless Earbuds. Be Free, Be Fearless, Be You with EarFun Free that brings the Ultimate Comfortable and Joy of Music.

$ 256,522 Funded


The World’s Most Advanced Smart Doorbell
SD storage | Easy install | Motion alerts | 980ft Wifi Range | Weatherproof

$ 891,188 Funded


World’s Most Advanced True Wireless Earbuds
360-hour Battery Life with Charging Case | Superior Sound Quality | IPX-7 Waterproof | Bluetooth 5.0

$ 397,001 Funded


Modular magnetic block with marble run
Using the power of gravity and imagination, MagnetCubes is an innovative way to relax and have fun.

$ 451,568 Funded


Smart Wireless Doorbell for 24-7 Security
Nooie redefines the smart video doorbell with human detection technology & minimalist design.

$ 86,195 Funded

DreamGlass Air

Private AR Screen for PHONE PS4 XBOX SWITCH
Your Portable Private Augmented Reality World in iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Tablet, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, DJI Drone…

$ 1,013,626 Funded